Here you can get an idea of the values of brawema GmbH and obtain additional information.


It is not our job to be comfortable for our customers and to meet their wishes and demands regardless of legal, social and ecological consequences. Even as a small company, we want to comply with our own code of conduct – also known as the “Code of Conduct”. For this reason, brawema GmbH pursues a preventive compliance approach, which offers our employees help and advice, thus preventing breaches of rules by the legislature, our customers, suppliers and our ethical principles right from the start.

We therefore rely on the following procedure:


In order to avoid violations by employees, customers, suppliers, service providers, representatives or other third parties, we rely on preventive measures which, in addition to risk analysis for projects, include in particular the training of employees in their conduct towards competitors, the handling of gifts and the direct and indirect promotion of third parties (corruption). The focus here is on each individual’s responsibility for compliance.


A regular and, if necessary, occasion-related examination of compliance with our principles of conduct serves to identify early problems that could have a negative legal and economic impact on brawema GmbH. In order to give employees and third parties outside brawema GmbH the opportunity to report violations of legal regulations, basic values and ethical standards, these can be reported to service[at] at any time.


Countermeasures address the impact of identified compliance violations; i.e. after a thorough analysis of an incident with our employees and, if necessary, with external legal support, we want to ensure that an individual case is not based on a systemic error and may close these errors or omissions.

We pay attention to a preventive and sustainable environmental policy. For this reason, we took measures years ago to continually review our projects, products and processes regarding ecological compatibility, social justice and economic performance.

The objective

In order to promote sustainable action within the company, we discuss and define clear goals within the team that must be achieved within a set period. These include reducing office, storage, transportation, communications and production costs. Reducing costs goes hand in hand with conserving resources.

Energy consumption

Most of our environmentally relevant resources are associated with the consumption of energy. Reducing energy consumption and effectively adjusting resources in the office, production and transport are our most effective factors in promoting sustainable business practices.

The raw materials

Raw materials are essential to produce goods and services. But also, the use of materials in the office, the IT equipment, the selection of machines and equipment as well as the choice of means of transport for business trips leads to the consumption of raw materials. Among other things, we are consistently pursuing a waste avoidance strategy when purchasing equipment that conserves resources and by consistently digitizing our corporate processes.

Staff Training

The management cannot implement sustainable actions in the company alone. All our decisions must lead to sustainable and economic implementation. Our employees are adequately informed and trained to ensure that all processes in the company are environmentally conscious.


We are convinced that sustainable action in the company does not only create a positive image and convince customers. It also inspires our competitors to use resources in an environmentally friendly manner and sensitizes society to environmental protection through our customers and consumers.

What we have achieved by 2019:

  • Creation of a company-owned biotope (pond) that provides a home for many animals and insects and serves as a recreation area for employees during breaks. A square meter of this pond absorbs up to 1000 times more CO2 than a square meter of sea water and up to 50 times more than a forest. (Global Biogeochemical Cycles magazine, Spanish Science Council Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)
  • Planting trees on the (small) company premises
  • Introduction of an IT infrastructure for the gradual digitalization of all business processes led to a considerable reduction in paper and print volumes in the office.
  • Electric energy from 100% green sources


Our targets for 2020:

  •  Consistent reduction of business trips with company vehicles by 15% through use of alternative means of transport and/or digital conference methods
  • Further digitization of business processes to reduce postal dispatch (including receipt and dispatch of invoices via email)
  • Company lighting converted to LED technology to reduce power consumption by 11%

Welcome to the purchasing department of brawema GmbH

In our opinion, the success of a company depends not only on the sale of its own products and services, but also on targeted strategic cooperation with our suppliers.

To this end, we develop sustainable purchasing solutions for a competitive and trouble-free purchase of goods and services. Our customers appreciate this because it creates added value for everyone.

Our philosophy here:

The same rules and values apply to the cooperation with our suppliers as we demand them of ourselves towards our customers. You can find out more about this under Compliance. An open and honest commerce are one of our basic philosophies, also when dealing with suppliers.

Sustainability is one of the essential elements of our company – we also expect this from our suppliers as business partners. We therefore have a team that deals intensively with sustainability issues in purchasing. Our goal is to preserve our world for future generations. You can find out more about this under “Sustainability”.

For reasons of compliance, we refuse to allow potential suppliers to contact us for the first time by telephone.

If you would therefore like to apply as a supplier to brawema GmbH, please send your product or service information to purchasing[at]


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